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New EnCor biotech firm formed to deliver antibodies, pursue invention

EnCor will target neurological diseases, or ailments that impact the body's nervous system. Antibodies will be produced and sold to companies who conduct research on Alzheimer's disease, forms of cancer and blood-clotting illnesses, Gathings said.

EnCor is also the newest tenant at the Sid Martin Biotechnology Development Incubator, a facility that houses startup, biotech-based businesses. Shaw and Gathings moved into a lab at the Sid Martin building last month and still are setting up their operations, but they soon will pursue around $300,000 in financing for an initial round of investments.

"We just need something to get us started," Gathings said. "We'd like to hire a couple of technicians and build a cash flow into the business."

Gathings said he soon plans to move to Gainesville to oversee EnCor's daily operations. Shaw, a native of England, has worked at UF since 1986 and before that earned his academic degrees at settings in London and Germany.

EnCor will have one advantage, in that many of its antibodies have already been produced by Shaw through his research at UF.

"Most biotechs are lucky to have a product developed after 10 years," Shaw said. "We already have a product in place."

Source: http://www.sunone.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?Site=GS&Date=20030124&Category=BUSINESS&ArtNo=201240331&Ref=AR
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