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onlygoodnews's Journal

The Good News Channel
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This is a community for good news. By news, we mean news. This is not a place to spread your gospel. This is not a place to celebrate that your dog no longer does his business indoors.

This is a place to post good news about the world at large. In an age when it seems planes crash all too often and biotoxins are found in apartment buildings, sometimes it's nice to focus on the positives.

This is a place for scientific advances, cures for diseases, random outbreaks of peace, tax-cuts, freedoms restored to the people, missiles being torn down, soldiers coming home, etc. etc.

So if you've heard any good news lately, share it and brighten everyone's day.

This journal was concieved of in a conversation between mindvirus and xenothon. It was made possible by the generosity of mindwalker.